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Past conferences

  1. IVth Scientific-practical conference "Modern research directions and actual clinical issues in Obstetrics and Gynaecology", 13 Jun 2012 Address:Central House of Scientists, Prechistenka str., 16 ChairmanS. A. Levakov , Dr. herbil., Doctor of higher category, Professor, Chairman of the NGO "Zarozhdeniye zhizni", Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department of FSBEI APE IAT FMBA of Russia, Head of Gynaecology Department of clinical hospital № 83.
  2. Scientific-practical conference of dermatovenerologists and dermatooncologists ofCentral Federal district of the Russian Federation "Actual issuesof Dermatovenereology and dermatooncology" May 24-25, 2012 on the basis of MRRCI n.a. M. F. Vladimirsky Address:St. Shchepkin D. 61/2, building No. 9, meeting room.
  3. June 2011. District urologist – L. A. Logvinov MP No. 30
  4. May - June 2011. Districturologist – A. A. Markov  MP No.107
  5. March-April 2011. Districtgynaecologist— M. V. Zaborski  clinical hospital №72
  6. February - April, 2011 Districtgynaecologist– L. B. Maslova  polyclinic No. 139
  7. February - April 2011. Districturologist –A. A. Serdyuk MP No. 19
  8. December 3-4, 2011. Conference on dermatology PADPNo. 1
  9. November 25, 2011 Genital infections. Modern approach to diagnosis and treatment. Chairman – Professor  V. N. Prilepskaya. The building of Moscow Government, St. Novy Arbat 36/9
  10. November 2, 2011. "Current issues in obstetrics and gynaecologyin outpatient practice" MRSRIOG, Moscow, Pokrovka str., 22 A
  11. October 20,2011. The conference of Moscow Dermatovenereology society.Clinic of skin and venereal diseases of the FirstMSMU n.a.I. M. Sechenov , Moscow, Elanskogo str., 2.
  12. October 19, 2011. Congress of the "Internationalherpes school" MRRCI n.a.M. F. Vladimirsky  Address:St. Shchepkin D. 61/2, building No.
  13. September 7-30, 2011 A conference "Mother and child 2011". XII all-Russian scientific forum. Address: Congress-hall of the IEC "Crocus-Expo" (Pavilion №3, hall 20)
  14. July 6,2011, the XIthInternational Congress "Modern problems of Immunology, Allergology and Immunopharmacology" Address: City Hall, Moscow, New Arbat str., 36 Speakers: A. E. Shulzhenko - Doctor herbil., Professor, the head of Allergology and Immunotherapy Department of FSBISSC Immunology Institute FMBA of Russia. S. A. Levakov – Doctor herbil., Professor, the head of Obstetrics and GynaecologyDepartment of the clinical hospital No 83 of FMBA. E. A. Sosnova - Doctor herbil., Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department ofmedical faculty of the First Moscow State University n.a.I.M. Sechenov. I.N. Zuikova – Candidate of Medicine, senior researcher of FSBI SSC Immunology Institute FMBA of Russia.
  15. May 31, 2011. Conference "Reproductive health" MRSRIOG, Moscow, Pokrovka str., 22 A.
  16. May 16-17, 2nd Scientific-practical conference with international participation "Modern research directions and relevant clinical issues in Obstetrics and Gynaecology", Center House of Scientists, Prechistenka str., 16.
  17. April 10-15, 2011.Educational seminar in the framework of "Man and medicine" "Actual problems of Obstetric - Gynaecologic practice" RANE.
  18. March 2-25, 2011. "Out-patient-polyclinic practice: problems and prospects".
    • Russian society of obstetricians-gynecologists.
    • Russian society of contraception.
    • Association for cervical pathology and colposcopy. International Exhibition Center "Crocus Expo", 3-rd pavilion, 4-th floor, Congress centre.
  20. April 2011. “Drug therapy of obstetrical and gynaecologicaldiseases", "Actual problems of obstetric-gynaecologicpractice" in the framework of the scientific program of the XVIII Russian national Congress "Man and medicine", RANE.
  21. March-April 2011. Conference "Immunological aspects of therapy for human papillomavirus infection in practice of modern doctor". PADP(№1,2,3).
  22. March-April 2011. "Modern aspects of papillomavirus therapy and herpes infections" Institute of Urology, Moscow, 3-ya Parkovaya str., 51.
  23. February 9."Prevention and treatment of uterine neck diseases" MRSRIOG, Moscow, Pokrovka str., 22 A.
  24. September 27-30, 2010. Symposium "Interferons in clinical practice", St. Petersburg.
  25. February 18. Conference "Herpes and human papillomavirus infections" Moscow.
  26. February 25. Scientific-practical conference "Allergology and clinical immunology for practical health" Moscow.
  27. March 3. Conference "Urogenital infections" INVITRO Moscow.
  28. June 4-6, 2009. International Symposium "HPV infection and malignant neoplasms. Integrated system of surveillance and prevention", S.-Petersburg.
  29. May 20, 2009. Scientific-practical conference "Early diagnostic, prevention and modern methods of treatment of uterine neck diseases" Moscow.
  30. September 6-10, 2007.International specialized exhibition "New drugs and tools in dermatology and cosmetology", Moscow.
  31. April 16-20, 2007. Russian national Congress "Man and medicine" Moscow.
  32. February 1-2, 2007. Rakhmanovskiy reading "Dermatology: diagnosis and drug therapy - 2007" Moscow.
  33. January 31, 2007. Topical issues of diagnosis and therapy of the skin intractable diseases. S-Petersburg.
  34. May 23-26, 2005.IX Russian scientific Forum "Days of immunology in St. Petersburg" — "Molecular basis of immune regulation, immunodiagnostics and immunotherapy," St. Petersburg.
  35. Report: N. B. Serebryanaya  (MAPE, St. Petersburg) "Immune dysfunction in long-lasting herpes virus infection: new concepts to therapy". –"Medical immunology", vol. 7, No. 2-3, p. 321.
  36. May 22 – June 5, 2005. DAAD Summer School on “Current trends in comparative immunology” St. Petersburg, Lectur by Sergey Chernish (St. Petersburg):
  37. 1. “Effector molecules and cells of insect innate immunity”
  38. 2. “Drags from bugs: the interplay of comparative Immunology and drag development”.
  39. Xth interdisciplinary Symposium "New in Venereology, Andrology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology: science and practice".
  40. March 10-11, 2005. The report "New concepts in treatment of herpes virus infections on the example of genital herpes therapy with Allokin-alpha" Moscow.
  41. December 2004. The conference “Clue issues of infection control” (St. Petersburg, MMA).
  42. November 2004. The conference “The Doctor, the Pharmacist, the Patient” (S.-Petersburg).
  43. November 2004. The conference in Central research Institute of STI "Dermatology and dermatocosmetology" (Moscow). The report of dB.N. S. I. Chernysh
  44. October 2004. 5th Workshop on Biotechnology, Korea (Seul.).
  45. The report "Allokines – a novel class of naturally occurring immunomodulatory drugs". Sergey Chernysh, Biological Institute of St. Petersburg State University, Russia.
  46. September 2004. Ehrlich conference (Nurnberg.): The report "Flying Bullets: Cytokine-like Antineoplastic Peptides from Insects" (p.A-24, 093).
  47. 2004. Conference Ekolab on Dermatology and Venereology (Ryazan).
  48. June 2004. III Congress of immunologists (Yekaterinburg). The report dB.N. S. I. Chernysh,  "Allocine – a new class of immunomodulators".

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