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Genital warts, papillomas, flat and plantar warts

Genital warts, papillomas, flat and plantar wartsGenital warts are a fairly common symptom of genital papillomatosis. Their number can be different from one to a hundred. Men usually have them in the foreskin or in the coronal sulcus, the women - on the labia. The warts do not disappear without any treatment, and if to damage them accidentally or intentionally, a bleeding and healing wound will form on their place.

Getting into the human body, papillomavirus is spread through the bloodstream and attaches to the epithelial cells of the anogenital parts – the perineum or the anus. The infected cell starts to grow rapidly, and in the end, there is a characteristic of the disease proliferation, resembling the inflorescence of cauliflower. Time manifestations of the disease is individual and can be from several months to several years. The disease leads to a decrease in protection of the body, and as a result such patients are often sick with a variety of infections. More over, during the latent period they become the carriers of the papillomatous infection and constitute a danger to their sexual partners.

Like any other viral disease the manifestations of papillomatosis is closely associated with the immune system of the patient. The higher the immune status of the person, the longer is the incubation period, and the less significant are the manifestations of the disease.

But long-term carrier state of the virus papillomatosis is able to undermine the power of even the most strong body, especially affecting local immunity of the pelvis and genitals.. The patient or carrier of genital Human Papillomavirus infection is prone to infection of all other sexually transmitted diseases – chlamydia, trichomoniasis, ureaplasmosis etc.

This leads to one more feature of Human Papillomavirus infection of the genitals – it is often accompanied by a "bouquet" of venereal diseases. The treatment of these patients is much longer and difficult.

Often warts are complicated by the addition of a secondary bacterial infection and are accompanied not only psychological but also physical suffering of the patient. Besides, genital warts are the cause of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis in children, which is explained by the transmission of the virus from mother to child.

As the latent phase of HPV life cycle occurs in cells of the epidermis basal layer, so it is quite difficult to remove or destroy completely using the physical methods. The relapses sometimes develop immediately after the epidermis regeneration at the locus of the primary lesion..
In the absence of treatment the new warts will appear more and more.. However, local complications of the disease are not so terrible in comparison with the general ones. There are known cases of cancer on the place with genital warts. A huge number of young women with unexpressed clinical aspects of vaginal condylomatosis being not under the destructive treatment, are the reservoir of infection and dangerous to sexual partners and unborn child.
(Dr. habil of biological sciences, Professor Kiselev V. I., "Human Hapilloma Virus in cervical cancer", 2004).

Along with the destructive methods of treatment to eliminate the virus and reduce the frequency of recurrences it is advisable to antiviral treatment with immunocorrective disorders (G. A. Dmitriev and others, 2006; N. S. Loginova et al., 2004; S. I. Rogovskaya, 2005). Along with high clinical efficiency, it is desirable the drugs should have localized the action in the lesion without causing excessive reactions of the immune system beyond it.

Allokin-alpha is a high-tech product based on artificially synthesized oligopeptide Alloferon, which is the main link of insects antiviral defense with these characteristics.

Thanks to Allokin-alpha an effective elimination of HPV from the body occurs and a functional activity of T-cell immunity restores.

Clinical studies have shown a high efficiency of Allokin-alpha in treatment of genital condylomata, papillomas, flat and plantar warts.

Tumors (papillomas, warts, flat warts, including plantar warts) disappear after the treatment with Allokin-alpha without additional surgical manipulation in case, if the above manifestations of HPV arose not earlier than 6 months before the start of treatment with Allokin-alpha. The earlier tumors in the form of HPV manifestations needs to be treated in complex, combining the course of Allokin-alpha with destructive methods of treatment (cryotherapy, diathermocoagulation, laser therapy).


Having the condylomatosis Allokin-alpha is applied 6-7 days before deletion, it is recommended 1.0 mg every second day, 6 vials (2 packages). The treatment of contacted people and local interferon for 2 weeks is obligative.

The morphological diagram of epidermis infection with HPV
intracellular topography of virus replication and development of papillomatosis.
(Dr. habil of biological sciences, Professor Kiselev V. I.,
The morphological diagram of epidermis infection with HPV,
intracellular topography of virus replication and development of papillomatosis.
(Dr. habil of biological sciences, Professor Kiselev V. I., "Human Hapilloma Virus in cervical
cancer", 2004).

The morphological diagram describes the epidermis infection with HPV, the intracellular topography of virus replication and development of papillomatosis. From the above diagram it is evident that infection of the epidermis occurs through microdamages – wounds in the epidermis, when the depth of the wound reaches the basal layer of the epidermis. In the basal layer are sensitive (permissive) to HPV cells. They are so susceptible to infection that single viral parts are enough to cause an infection process. Replication DNA with HPV occurs only in cells of the basal epithelium, and then viral particles become persistent in the cells of other epidermis layers as they differentiate and move to the other layers of the skin up to the cornified layer.

The types of HPV detected in various skin lesions
and mucous membranes (E. M. Villiers, 1989)


Clinical manifistations

Types of HPV

Plantar warts


Common warts

2, 4, 26, 27, 29, 57

Flat warts


Butcher warts


Epidermodysplasia verruciformis

5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 19, 36

Non warts skin lesions


Summing up, in order to achieve effective results it is necessary to have a complex treatment combining a course of Allokin-alpha with destructive methods of treatment. As the latent phase of the life HPV cycle occurs in the cells of basal epidermis layer, these cells have to be removed by any known destructive methods, because infected cells contain a "mutated" virus. But as the persistence of HPV infection is a key factor for the disease occurrence, it is necessary to administrate the antiviral treatment with Allokin-alpha along with destructive methods..

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Ask your gynecologist if he (she) has an experience in treatment of human papillomavirus infection to the complete removal of human papilloma virus from the body?

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