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A new treatment way of Genital Herpes with Allokin-alpha

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Allokin-alpha has been produced on the base of cytokine-like peptide - alloferon, the representative of a new family of naturally origin antiviral peptides, possessing the antiviral and antitumor activity (S. I. Chernysh, S. I. Kim , G. P. Bekker et al., 2002; S. I. Chernysh, 2005). The action of Allokin-alpha is aimed at strengthening the definition of viral antigens and infected cells with natural killers (NK), neutrophils and other effector systems of natural immune system, which are responsible for elimination of the virus (S. I. Chernysh, 2005). In absence of nonshared antigens and pathologically modified cells, the stimulated leukocytes maintain the normal level of activity, allowing to localize the action of the drug in the lesion. This is an actual way of herpesvirus infections (HVI) treatment. According to the researches of recent years, the various representatives of the Herpesviridae protect the infected host cell from the destruction with cytotoxic lymphocytes by blocking the activity of T-cells and NK. This is the explanation for the fact of a chronic infective process development at HVI.

The application of Allokin-alpha improves the detection of affected cells and can suppress outbreaks of viral replication.

Allokin-alpha possesses the immunotropic effect, it increases the production of IFN-g NK-cells in response to stimulation with IL-12 (F. I. Ershov, A. A. Kubanova, B. V. Pinegin and others, 2003). In contrast to famous inducers of IFN, Allokin-alpha acts as the cofactor, allowing the producing INF white blood cells to respond effectively to the viral antigen. t becomes possible to focus the effect of the drug at the place of the virus reproduction and to avoid excessive reaction of white blood cells outside the nidus.

The high efficiency of Allokin-alpha in the treatment of recurrent herpes simplex was shown in several researches (O. V. Azovtzeva, 2005; F. I. Ershov et al., 2003; V. A. Isakov et al., 2006; M. S. Tishchenko et al., 2006).

Clinical researches with Allokin-alpha® showed a high clinical efficiency, which is comparable with the effectiveness of therapy, including a daily intake of acyclovir according to the optimal diagram. Allokin-Alpha® was easy to administer and was well endured by the patients.

The results of treatment were evaluated by changing the duration and severity of relapse, indicators of immune and interferon status. The relapse duration (number of days) corresponded to the time of full re-epithelization.

Outpatient observation during 3 months for patients with recurrent Genital Herpes being treated with Allokin-alpha three times at a dose of 1 mg, revealed a significant increase in the duration of subsequent remission and decrease in the frequency of Genital Herpes recurrences.

The data obtained concerning the influence of Allokin-alpha in interferon status of patients with recurrent Genital Herpes (F. I. Ershov et al., 2003) indicates that the use of the drug leads to normalization of circulating serum and spontaneously produced IFN factors and also IFN-inhibitory activity of blood serum, increases the ability to produce IFN-γ. These studies also revealed the increased production of cytokines, contributing to the formation of predominantly Tx1-immune response, which is crucially important in the rehabilitation of the body from the HS (herpes virus).

Comparative effectiveness studies of Allokin-alpha and basic treatment of AD by therapy regimen of 7 and 30 days clearly favour Allokin-alpha, as it provides an evident effect in 85-90% of patients.

Assignment of Allokin-alpha for the treatment of patients with recurrent Genital Herpes resulted to a significant time and severity reduction of the present and the next recurrence, and also to a frequency reduction of subsequent disease relapses and quality improvement of patients lives.

The drug is well endured by the patients. Allokin-alpha can be recommended for wide practical application as a monotherapy, or as a drug for the treatment of recurrent herpes..

Снижение продолжительности и тяжести рецидива генитального герпеса во время лечения Аллокином-альфа
Time and recurrence severity reduction of Genital Herpes
during the treatment with Allokin-alpha

Патогенетический индекс I-го рецидива герпеса после лечения (продолжительность х тяжесть)
Pathogenetic index of the 1st herpes
recurrence after the treatment (duration x severity)

Снижение частоты рецидивов после лечения Аллокином-альфа
Recurrences frequency reduction after the treatment with Allokin-alpha

Влияние терапии Аллокином-альфа на продолжительность I-го рецидива генитального герпеса после ремиссии.
The influence of the treatment with Allokin-alpha on the duration
of the 1st Genital Herpes recurrence after the remission.

Результаты терапии Аллокином-альфа у пациентов с генитальным герпесом
The results of therapy with Allokin-alpha
at patients with Genital Herpes.

The appearance of additional herpetic eruption is a marker of the immune system activation in the nidus and, therefore, the effectiveness of the drug, which is not a contraindication to continue the treatment.

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